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Saturday, 17 December 2011 07:25

SPC By Laws

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Updated 01/13/10


1. Total membership not to exceed (25) twenty five.

a) Changed at 1994 Spring Meeting

b) Changed to 28 in Spring 2002 meeting.

c) Reduced to 25 paying members at Fall 2003 meeting

d) Increased to 27 members that is considered the maximum capacity of the club at Spring 2008 meeting.

2. Preference will be given to previous members of good standing and relatives of present members.  A retainer of $50 must be received by May 1st of that year to establish membership for prospective members. New members will be accepted on a first come basis.

3. A probation period of one year will exist for all new members.

4. A member may be dropped from the membership in the following manner:

a) Probationary Member - By a majority vote of the Club Officers.

b) Regular member - By a majority vote of the entire club.

c) Failure to pay all fees and or fines in full by the Spring Organizational Meeting.

5. All probationary members must be accepted by a majority vote of the existing membership.

6. Membership shall be restricted to men, twenty one years and older.

7. If a members' dues are not received by the Treasurer by the Saturday of Spring Work Weekend then that member is automatically resigned from the club and put on the waiting list. (Added at the 11/08/08 meeting)


1. There shall be no loaded guns in camp.

2. No one shall carry a rifle or shotgun with a shell in the chamber while traveling in a group.

3. Hunting while impaired by alcohol is strictly be prohibited.

4. There will be no target practice in camp during the hunting week, except in designated areas.


1. Any member upon entering camp must sign the register. A designated fee will be charged.

a) The present fee is $1.00 per day for members and immediate family, and $5.00 per day for guests. (Ratified 1991 Business meeting)

b) Changed to $2 per day for members and immediate family, and $5 per day for guests.

This assessment will cover the following essentials which will be supplied by the camp: Coffee, sugar, flour, salt, spices, ketchup, mustard, toilet paper, paper towels, paper plates, paper cups, propane, oil for the generator and mantels.

2. There shall be no guest present in camp without a sponsoring member.

3. All guests in camp during the Bow or Rifle Deer Hunting season, other than qualified family members, shall pay a $20.00 per day guest fee for the purpose of hunting deer, whether they hunt or not. If so the $5.00 daily fee will be waived. It will be the responsibility of the club member sponsoring the guest to also be responsible to collect the daily fee. (Ratified 1992 Business meeting)

4. The number of guests will be limited to one (1) per member per day at anytime during the deer hunting season other than our official hunting weeks. (Ratified per 11/7/87 Business meeting)

5. A member may invite any of his dependent children under the age of 21, or attending school, or a member of the military service as a guest during the hunting season other than the official Hunting Week set aside for club members only. The $20.00 daily fee does not apply. Guest hunting is limited to one per day per member. (Ratified per 11/7/87 Business meeting)

6. It is the responsibility of each member and guest for the condition of the camp's condition and general maintenance while present.


7. Individuals should supply their own gas for the generator. Care should be used in its operation.

8. There will be no building construction anywhere on the premises without membership and LandVest approval.

9. Wood cutting shall be restricted to rules and regulations set forth by LandVest inc.

10. It is planned, there will be ( 2 ) work weekends each year ( 4 days ). All members are required to attend at least ( 2 ) of these days each year or be subject to fine as set by the membership. The Spring Work Weekend will start on the first Saturday of May and the Fall Work Weekend will start on the last Saturday in September.

a) The fine for not attending 2 of the 4 work weekend days for the calendar year will be $50 payable by Spring Work Weekend of the following year. (Added at 11/09/02 meeting)

11. Any member committing himself to attend any scheduled camp function will be held responsible for his share whether or not he attends.

a) A member is assumed to be attending a hunting week or work weekend and will be charged the weekend fees UNLESS that member notifies the Secretary by email, mail, of phone prior to the event indicating that he is not attending the event. (Amended at the11/08/08 meeting)

12. Any member 70 years old will pay one half of the present annual fee.

13. A member in violation of a camp rule or regulation may be fined $25.00. Further repeat offenses of any rules will become a judgment matter of the club officers.


1. As a tradition , the club does reserve ( 2 ) hunting periods a year for deer hunting in the

fall. These ( 2 ) hunting periods are reserved for members only. The first period is the opening weekend of rifle deer season (sat. and sun. only). The second is the traditional Saturday after Election Day till the following Friday.

a) There will be 1 members only hunting week that starts the Saturday following Election Day and ends the following Friday. Additionally, the opening weekend of Rifle Deer Season will be restricted to members only. This will be on a 1 year trial basis. (Amended at the 11/09/02 meeting)

b) Waiting list individuals who have regularly attended work weekends and have contributed to the camp will have the opportunity to attend the official Hunting Week only if a current member is not attending and a bunk is available. We will refer to these waiting list individuals as "Stand-By Members".

1) Order of priority for a stand-by member to attend the hunting week is based on their order on the waiting list.

2) Stand-By members will pay half dues for this privilege which is only applicable to the hunting week. The Stand-By member will also be required to pay the daily food and beer charge just as any other member. The Stand-By member will still be required to be accompanied by a member at all other times of the year and will pay applicable guest fees.

3) The Stand-By member will only be offered this opportunity if a member positively states that he will not be attending hunting week. We will ask members who know that they will not be attending to let the officers know ASAP so that notifications can be made in a timely manner.

4) Family members will only pay a daily guest fee of $5 plus the daily fee for food and beer.(Added at the 11/07/09 meeting)

2. A member may attend the second official members only hunting period without being assessed the daily fee of $10.00 or the amount established for that period. That member would then not have the meal privileges provided by the camp cook or his designated assistants. (Ratified 1992 Business meeting)

3. Any member on club property for the purpose of deer hunting should make his presence known. (Ratified per 11/7/87 Business meeting)

 4. Each deer shot in camp during the second hunting week will be halved with 1/2 of the deer, the head and hide going to the shooter. The remaining half will be donated to the camp.

5. During the second hunting period, the first legal buck will receive $2.00 from each member in camp. Each successive legal buck will also receive $1.00 from each member in camp.

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