The Sand Pond Club

In the Adirondack Mountains of New York State

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The following are replications of the original Sand Pond Club Secretary notes dating from the Club's inception in 1944 to 1977.



In 1944 Ressigue, Thompson, Reynolds, Dickinson, and Kutz, among others at Seveses, disliked dirt in camp and sought a new camp. Arrangements were made with St. Regis for nearly 6,000 acres at $538.00 per annum for 1945. J. Herzig's brother Fred, showed the property to Reynolds, Ressigue, and Kutz in 1945. After a trip on a raft, we took lease. There was hunting in the fall. 16 men stayed at $3.00 per day at North Hall. The men took Reynolds' truck and left Reynolds in the woods. German prisoners cut wood about 100,000 cords.


Approximately the same story.


Occupied the camp in the fall. On October 19 there were approximately 19 men in camp. Reynolds furnished a pump and shower. We locked the gates. The natives shot off the locks as quickly as we put them on. Dickinson and Reynolds set posts. September 13, 1947: work party. E.C. Ressigue cut his toe. $4.00 per day for food and room. $25.00 dues per year. St.Regis $425.00 for the year. We had dinner at steak house January 25, 1948.


21 members. John got $12.00 per day. $4.00 per day for room and board at camp.


25 members. The lease went to $725.00 per year. Bad year for deer. Adobe Hacienda donated one deer for our annual dinner on January 20, 1949. Thompson got a deer.


Dues went to $32.00 per annum. November 11 date was set.

RULE:Rule was made that all members of a party would pay $2.00 for the first deer and $1.00 for each deer thereafter. 20 members.


10 members. $32.00 dues for the year. Ma ( "you no like" ) cooked that year.


13 members. $35.00 dues.


11 men in camp. Dues $35.00. Annual dues on St. Regis lease $712.52. Released 1,000 acres from the lease on the south.


Year's dues were $40.00. We had 13 men. The lease cost approximately $600.00.


10 men in camp. $40.00 dues.


15 men in camp. $40.00 dues. Cal Drake showed up as member.


13 men in camp. Lease cost $600.00 for the year.


14 men in camp. $40.00 dues.


14 men in camp. $40.00 dues. Camp cost $600.00 for the year. Bill Hill became a member.


21 men. $40.00 dues. Lease cost $600.00. Club was incorporated July 26, 1960. St. Regis increased the cost of the lease to $1,000.00 a year.


14 men. $60.00 dues. St. Regis now puts cost at $1,055.10. Put in 20" drain pipe at first creek.


17 men. $60.00 dues $1,055.10 to St. Regis. Rebuilt storage room and put in a new floor in the main camp at a cost of $320.14. Line of Defieret Rod and Gun Club and Sand Pond Club redefined. Bought new cots from Admiral Equipment for $167.40.


21 men. Dues $60.00. $1,055.10 to St. Regis. Bought new gas stove. Repaired refrigerator at a cost of $53.00.

RULE:There will be a $20.00 fee for members who wish to remain on roster, but who do not wish to use the camp.


16 men. Dues $60.00. $1,055.10 to St. Regis. Purchased a second refrigerator at a cost of $46.00.


16 men. Dues were $50.00. $1,055.10 to St. Regis. Work party October 31. Built a new shed and rebuilt the back porch.


18 men. $70.00 a share. Effective July 1 St. Regis lease went to $1,545.15.


19 men. Shares were $70.00. St. Regis $1,545.15. Took eight (8) deer. President Hagopian died very suddenly.


19 men. Shares were $70.00. St. Regis $1,545.15.


16 men in camp. $70.00 a share. Took nine (9) deer. The lease went to $2,228.00, effective July 1, 1969, with no fee for the camp, as such, only pay the taxes.


RULE:The camp year was moved from October 1 to July 1. The Secretary is to bill June 1 for the ensuing year. Assessments not paid in 30 days from the billing date would cancel membership. Matter of dropped members: If a former member be accepted into the Club again within two (2) years, no initiation fee would be charged. A new rule was made that all new members would have to pay $50.00 initiation fee. Rules were discussed: no drinking in woods, neatness in camp, no doe shooting near camp, no guests during hunting week. Norm Hess and Gary Johnson came in that year. 13 men in camp. $100.00 a share. St. Regis was $2,228.00.


24 men. $100.00 a share. Got one deer. Purchased Stow generator at $157.50. Men voted in Everling, N.Hess, G. Johnson, A. Zemek, B. Gagnon, C. Babcock, and P. Thompson. Purchased south camp for $300.00 with contents.


26 men. $100.00 a share. St. Regis $2,242.00. Built fireplace and toilet at a cost of $604.23. Two (2) females applied for job as cook and were refused.


23 men. $100.00 per share. St. Regis costs were $2,228.000 Ken Hess became a member.

RULE:Men in camp will pay $2.00 each for the first buck and $1.00 for each subsequent buck. Purchased new stove. Replaced floor. Added to toilet room.


24 men. $110.00 per share. St. Regis $2,228.00. Letter received from St. Regis: Permission to insure 8 x 12 addition. New bridge over Fish Creek erected at a cost of $113.00. A. Roma became member; also Ken Hess. St. Regis said gates must be unlocked December 1 to April 1. A notice of new escalating type of lease received.


22 men. $150.00 a share. St. Regis $3,300.00.

RULE: Johnny and Eva's fees to be included in budget costs. Gordon Riemets and Bob Prentice were accepted as members. Four (4) bucks and one bear were killed.


21 members. $200.00 a share. St. Regis $4,175.00.

RULE:Hill moved, and motion carried, that initiation fee be dropped. Carl Barrows and Will Hill became members. Excessively high budget prompted a raffle which yielded $829.00 net. Sand Pond acreage was restored. Negotiations for a reduced lease size with the result that 2570 acres are now under lease as of July 1, 1976.

RULE:John and Eva's fees set at $400.00. John Herzig voted in as an honorary member. The contents of the south camp were sold for $150.00.


26 members. St. Regis $2,956.00.

RULE:Motion by G. Wickizer, seconded by T. Yahner, that any member (at times other than our hunting week) when going into camp leave $0.50 per day, per member of the party , for the purpose of replacing gas, oil, toilet tissue, and sundries, and that all members be sure that five (5 ) gallons of gas and one quart of oil are left for the common use of the next callers. Said expense to removed for the kitty. Also, no one may be in camp without a member being  present. motion carried. this is to be posted as a rule.

P. Thompson moved, seconded by M. Warner, that fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, or a member's family in college or in the military service, be admitted as guests during deer season, other than our official hunting week. Motion carried.

Motion by N. Hess, seconded by P. Thompson, that $50.00 initiation be reinstated. Motion carried